Beckie Menzie

Color Me Beautiful

Freytag Stomach

Ghost At the Bijou

Give Love Your Voice

Harold Or the Cat

He Talks To Her Picture

Let Ray

Love Handles

Nowhere Fast

One Woman's Story

Perfect Cup of Coffee

Post Feminist Torch Song

Chuck Larkin

Morning Person

What Are The Chances

The World He Sees

You Can Wear It Again

Eric Lane Barnes

First Christmas

I Am Your Worst Nightmare

Mrs. Claus' Lament

Surprise Me

Take It From The Top

The Kiss

Tough Act to Follow


Michael Duff

An Open Door

Everytime It Snows

Haven't We Been Here Before

Humble Man

If I Could Hold You

Just Hangin' On

Lucky To Be Doing What I Love

Metropolitan Scat

Tom Sivak


If Love Is A Song

What I Really Want

Henry Marsh

The Menopause Express

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